Why did we create DogsZone?

Answer – mainly out of love, partly out of necessity

I found myself in a position that I could no longer give my dog the time and attention that he needed due to work commitments.  We tried a number of different day care centres,  however,  found them all to be lacking.  I spent most of the day wondering if my dog was having fun, or whether he was being bullied by the bigger dogs.  Was he receiving the care and attention that he needed?  Was he being given the opportunity to rest?  And ultimately, was he happy and was he safe?

Having carried out the appropriate research, I found that other dog owners shared my concerns. 


Here is a list of the most common fears amongst dog owners who are thinking about daycare for their pet pooch:


Q. Big dogs and small dogs, young and old are often forced to play together.  Will my dog be safe?  Will he be scared?  Will he have fun?

A. At DogsZone, the dog’s wellbeing is our main priority.  We will assess the dog’s needs through discussion with the pet’s owner, and careful supervision.    We have a mixture of both large and small dogs, as you would expect to find in the real world.  However, we ensure that all dogs in our care are friendly and we do not tolerate any form of aggression or bullying.

Q. Will my dog be indoors all day?

A. Here at DogsZone, as well as the ample indoor space, we have a large outside area where your dogs can relieve themselves and enjoy some sun and fresh air, whether playing with their friends, or soaking up the sun.

Q. What if my dog gets injured?

A. At DogsZone all our staff are trained in canine first aid and CPR, and we are registered with The Vet Warrington (Cockhedge).  Moreover, our staff are trained to be able to determine any potential issues before they happen by carefully monitoring every dog’s behaviour.  All certificates are proudly displayed within the reception area, for your peace of mind.

Q. What happens if an aggressive dog joins the daycare?  Am I putting my dog at risk?

A. All dogs are carefully assessed before they join DogsZone.  We gather as much information as possible about the dog from the owner, and every dog is vetted before they are allowed to play.  We do not believe there are bad dogs, but we do acknowledge that some dogs do have behavioural problems in certain environments or situations.  Our priority is to provide a safe environment for your pet.  We will not accept aggressive dogs into our daycare, and we reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog for whatever reason we deem necessary.

Q. Will my dog receive food and water during their stay at DogsZone?

A. Fresh water will be made available to all dogs at all times.  We will provide treats in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables.  If you wish your dog to receive a meal during their stay, we ask that you bring your own food, as changing a dog’s diet suddenly can result in diarrhea and/or vomiting.  Your dog will receive their own personal space when it is meal time, so that they can enjoy their meal in peace.


We are fully insured, licensed with Warrington Borough Council - DDC 05, and hold certificates in Canine First Aid, and Canine Care, Behaviour, and Welfare.