Grooming table for hire

Do you want to work for yourself but are afraid to take the plunge?

Maybe the set-up fees are too high? Or you don't have enough customers yet to justify renting out shop space?

Maybe you prefer to work around others until your confidence and clientele builds?

Have you thought about renting a table?

Short and long-term rentals are available here at DogsZone, a daycare and grooming centre on the outskirts of Warrington town - close to all transport links.

The unit itself is approximately 3300 sq ft, and we can accommodate up to 30 dogs on the daycare side, so we will never be short of potential customers.

Included in the rental:

  • Use of an electric table, including straps and restraints;

  • Use of bathing and drying facilities, including blaster, drier, shampoo, conditioner, towels, etc;

  • Use of consumables, including ear cleaner, nail safe powder, disinfectant, blade cleaning fluid, clipper oil, etc;

  • All power, heating, light, water, and waste costs are included, as well as toilets and kitchen facilities.

Please contact us for further information